My earlier blog about future of Briquetting Business in India had predicted rightly about the would be scenario in Briquetting Business. This blog written about three years ago (18th May 2017) has benefited many of our collogues in business.
A similar but unprecedented scene is in front of us right now. Not only Briquetting but majority of entrepreneurs are clueless about the future scenario. With strict lockdown rules and execution of them in different manner in different places, the confusions definitely exists.
Many of us are unaware about the kind and exact nature of relaxation or concessions given to our customer’s industries, the procedures to follow, the compliances etc.
With the volume of Investment done in a running plant and uncertain future it’s natural for any business owner to be apprehensive about growth or even survival.
Fortunately majority of plants are located in near semi urban or rural areas where the virus effect is less than normal and lockdown restriction are likely to be lifted soon. So as far as production is concerned it will be normal very soon. The end users are however are scattered in different area ranging from near high risk declared zones to recovered zone.
With strict guidelines observed currently and the resultant outcome being positive in majority of districts, it is expected that things will be almost normal (barring some operational restrictions) very soon and once again, briquetting industry will be throbbing as before. The government is also supportive at this juncture to industries which is going to benefit to a large extent.
With more demand for briquettes post COVID 19 restrictions, and the availability of Biomass in plenty it is sure that the industry will have very positive future..