The Future of Biomass briquetting business in India

Biomass briquettes are being used as an alternative fuels for boilers in many places. It has proved as most cost effective, environment friendly substitute for fossil fuels. The size of biomass briquetting industry has multiplied in recent years.
This is because many industries started using briquettes for their energy needs. Their preference for biomass briquettes over fossil fuels resulted in growth of briquetting plants in many developing countries. In India since there has been abundance of biomass in every part of the country, briquetting plants mushroomed in many parts of the country. The Government has also offered many incentives to the Industry in term of subsidies and tax concessions. All these factors fuelled the growth of Briquetting Industry in India.

However, many briquetting industrialists are upset over recent developments in energy sector. The continuous downfall in fossil fuel prices and inclination of some of their customers towards fossil fuels has made them worried.

They have seen fluctuations in demands for briquettes since many consumers have started testing their boilers for furnace oil and have reduced the storage of biomass briquettes, which has affected the market in some way.

However, this is a temporary phenomenon. Biomass briquettes are still a best option over other fuels. They are cheap compared to other fuels and are highly environment friendly. Excellent quality biomass briquettes are supplied by many plants. If managed properly their uninterrupted supply can be ensured throughout the year.
The availability of biomass in abundance, good quality machine and equipment suppliers, Government incentives, huge demand and simple production process makes Biomass briquetting a lucrative business for budding entrepreneurs.

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